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An encounter between the WWE and WCW legend is one of some dream matches that never happened even though the opportunity was there in 2001.

According to Wrestling Inc, former WWE manager and producer Bruce Prichard said during his show Something To Wrestle With Bruce Prichard that management were thinking about booking various dream matches, such as Undertaker vs Sting and Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Goldberg, but plans were never materialised due to contract issues.

WCW superstars were still under contract with former owners Turner Broadcasting after the company was sold and weren’t interested in risking their lucrative and guaranteed salaries for a WWE run.

Prichard also noted that Goldberg showed no desire to come in and that ended WWE’s interest to sign him.

The former manager said: “I think again without all the particulars, the first match that comes to mind was Austin vs Goldberg.

“To have that matchup at some point. To be able to build to it. Same thing with Undertaker and Sting.

“There was thinking, ‘Okay do you bring back [Scott] Hall and [Kevin] Nash and put them back into the fold?’ There were a lot of what if’s.

“It all becomes mental masturbation at that point. Because with the exception of JR [Jim Ross], I don’t think there was anyone who had really dealt with Goldberg and Goldberg showed zero desire, nil, zilch, to come in.

“He had his deal [with Turner] and was going to be paid out. He didn’t want to come in so the fact that he didn’t want to come in — we sure as hell wasn’t gonna go after him. We didn’t want anybody that didn’t want to be here.”

All these dream matches were supposed to happen during the Invasion angle that had rival companies WCW and ECW trying to take over WWE.

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