Will Wendy Williams Lose Millions in Divorce? | Daily Pop | E! News


The “Wendy” host is filing for divorce from her husband Kevin Hunter after 21 years and family law attorney Laura Wasser weighs in on the split. Watch!



  1. I would hate if she gave him money and he signs a NDA that he would still find a way to leak something on and about her.
    Wendy will do fine with her 30 Mil and Make a great come back.

  2. Can you imagine going through menopause being in a bad mood and he skips out the door to another woman? Ugh. Can't wait to see Wendy shine again….I bet she comes back better than before.

  3. Now we know what CTG was talking about when he said "I know what you did last summer",  and Kelvin is the devil…. the blogger Tasha K revealed it in an interview with Aveon Falster, Kelvin's  alleged male boy toy.  Watch unwinewithtashaK and see for yourself.  This interview has blown the lid off the situation

  4. A divorce does not happen overnight. And whatever she has to pay that man don't you know she will make it back and 6 months and most of all she will be happy and have peace that is priceless learn that. I have never seen a U-Haul behind a Hurst you need happiness at money will follow learn that.

  5. He better make that money last Wendy was his ticket in Hollywood. Hes cancelled after this. 30 Mill he'll run they that quickly and his side piece will b on 2 the next. He's gonna lose regardless karma is a mf


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