Will Man City & Liverpool be the only true Premier League title contenders next season? | Extra Time


Steve Nicol, Shaka Hislop, Ian Darke and Sebastian Salazar of ESPN FC answer fan questions in Extra Time, including: if any of the other 18 Premier League …



  1. Well every club has their bad patch… Liverpool have had theirs and they raised themselves…Man city is going strong with good owner with deep pockets and better manager at the helm…Man utd is going through rough patches and hopefully they will regain their stature in time..

  2. If Liverpool don't sign anyone, then Man City will comfortably win the league next year. They've signed Rodri ffs. Liverpool aren't fully complete yet. Hopefully they sign a few more players. Tottenham will do a lot better than last season. Then 4th is between Arsenal, Chelsea and United.

  3. Don't right off Man United. They can be in contention. If they Still in the mix by Christmas.
    I expect Man City to win it because Liverpool are cursed. They should have won it last season. Up 7 points and lose by one come on. The way how the media wanted Liverpool to win it so bad, expecting City to slip with the run of fixtures they had during the last two months of the season. Nasty people. City way better than them and will be looking to continue the dynasty by winning another 4 in 5 or 6 years.

  4. Liverpool and Man City so far seem like the true Premier League title contenders next season, we might see though Tottenham get better and improve, and Manchester United maybe also (although I hope not) lmao, but so far Liverpool and Man City seem like the true title contenders.

  5. Everyone in the comment section is ridiculous, this is the premier league were talking about it has never been a two team race. If your looking for such a competition, go and watch la liga, bundesliga and french league

  6. What you mean if arsenal and manutd dont strengthen enough wolves and leicester gatecrash top 6, what about chelsea inexperienced manager, transfer ban, lost there best player they are also in trouble

  7. You can’t really predict the winners of the league right now. What happens if Van Dijk gets an injury and is out for months or Bernardo Silva/Aguero/Laporte break their legs in a game of twister after training. Football is unpredictable

  8. Liverpool had there chance last season, De Bruyne arguably the best midfielder in the world was out injured for most of the season yet we still won the league, I think City will win it by a much bigger margin next season

  9. Next season will be difficult because VAR will be applied, no more “free” goals for big teams, all goals will be reviewed from beginning of the process of the goal. I bet no teams will finish >90 points again next season.

  10. With VAR coming in the Premier League, it can be anybody’s game. Just look at what happened in the Copa with VAR, so many goals disqualified for offside thanks to VAR and favorites being knocked out. VAR has made football even more unpredictable.

  11. That was hilarious and palpably unscripted. All these guys are great and so fun to listen to especially when they make fun of each other. real and unscripted is key. sometimes they talk about non-football things too much. Every now and then, they would spend 15 minutes talking about their clothes which must have been to see how the metrics reacted I guess. JUST Do IT WITHIN THE SHoW GUYS. these english guys are witty enough to be funny on their own. Just let them talk as they do at a pub. if sombody says or does something stupid, make fun of him, just try to keep the subject matter to the sport as much as possible, and whatever you do, don't do the scripted drivel that the NFL does where Bradshaw and the rest act like a clowns at a little kids party trying t make the kids laugh.

  12. I think wolves and leicester still cannot 'touch' the top 6. Not disrespecting both clubs but come on they cannot threaten man utd and arsenal. They can defeat some of the top 6 clubs, but to replace them as top 6 is just too optimistic.

  13. I think Liverpool will win it they were very unlucky not to win this year should of been there's they blew it more than City winning it. I think City will want the champions league as failed in that constantly over last few years. I think Liverpool will focus just on the league resting players again for the other cups apart from champions league which i think they try to defend as well.


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