Why is Turkey bombing the Kurds in Syria? – BBC News


Tens of thousands of people have fled their homes in northern Syria, as Turkish forces step up their cross-border offensive on Kurdish-held areas. International …



  1. I think it's essential to mention that there is proof and it's also been confirmed by senator Lindsey Graham that the kurdish fighters known as the YPG are linked to the kurdish terror organization called PKK that has killed over 40,000 turkish and kurdish civilians. They for example were responsible for the shooting & bomb explosion at the Atatürk Airport in Istanbul, which took the lives of over 50 innocent people. For me saying that "Turkey attacks kurds" is not only very misleading, but also a big disrespect for the kurdish people who live in Turkey including my family, whose relatives were kidnapped or killed by the PKK and YPG.

  2. After ww1 – Israel was on its way to nationhood . But Kurds were denied a state till this day . This is of course is a double standard . Its high time the Kurds were united into one contiguous nation in portions of northern Iraq, Iran and Syria and given also Southeast portion of Turkey . I am an American of northern european descent . But I think it is high time the hispanics in the southwest US and the Native American Indians(where ? good question ) should also have their separate nations carved out of the USA .

  3. Trump is a LIAR the KURDS have helped the United States in the past. They were our allies against ISIS and now that is no longer the case because thousands of ISIS have been released from prison and NOW the UNITED STATES HAS A NATIONAL SECURITY ISSUE. HE …TRUMP IS DOING THIS BECAUSE OF THE GROWING SUPPORT FOR THE IMPEACHMENT INQUIRY. HE CONSULTED NO ONE IN THIS MOVE THE GENERALS DID NOT EVEN GET A HEADS UP THAT HE WAS PULLING OUT THE TROOPS. Kurds and U.S. During Iraqi Invasion

    When the Turks denied the United States passage into Iraq for the Iraqi Invasion of 2003, Iraqi Kurds took the opportunity to help the United States overthrow Saddam, once and for all. The Kurds also turned to American-led airstrikes to help repel the threat of ISIS in 2014. (source)

    While the Kurds still lack true independence, the United States has pledged support for Kurdistan in the form of arms and ammunition, as well as USAID to the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG

  4. Lesson 1 Never rely on any one else for your own security.

    Lesson 2 Make yourself strong enough so that no one else can dare attack you.

    Lesson 3 Get the hell out of middle east and its politics , its a bunch of Maniacs hell bent on killing their own brethren

  5. Turkish army entered afrin and see what he did. The PKK killed the Kurdish people living in Turkey. Children women were killed by bomb attacks from PKK. Millions of Kurdish citizens in Syria wants Turkey was successful. Thousands of Kurds in the Turkish army. He is a Turkish citizen Kurds. Those Kurds hate YPG PYD PKK. It's the Terrorists because They killed the Kurds the most. Please be objective. Do not judge by listening to biased publications.
    Turkey Afrin after receiving from the hands of terrorists

  6. I'm Kurd. All those BBC say that lie. Turkey don't bombing the Kurds. They bombing terrörists wich USA's supported and founded.( pkk , ypg ,isis and all alphabed ) This just show us how bbc trick and orient us .


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