White woman falsely accuses crying black child of groping her


A video went viral after a white woman made a huge scene outside of a New York deli, saying a young boy grabbed her from behind. After the incident became …



  1. My Question Is When Will These States And Communities Start Charging These Individuals With False Statements About Incidents And Descriptions Of A Person Who They Don't Like About A Threatening Situation That Only Puts The Person Life In Danger By The Police.

  2. I am not from this neighborhood, so maybe there is a local issue with white folks calling police on black folks for trivial reasons. However, my interpretation is this is more of a white feminist calling police on a black child. No one in their right mind would do this. The mother didn't escalate anything, the entitled victim monopolizing feminist extremist escalated things. Her apology is worthless when she continues to blame others for her bad self absorbed behavior. She should be charged, even if it's just for mischief or harassment, this should go on her record. I hope the boy isn't too badly scarred after this incident.

  3. Used to date a white girl, after numerous calls by white women on black people, we went for dinner and I told her we had to break up….I felt that it would be best I stick around my own people and find a black, latino or asian woman to date….I used to be the most open minded, but after all these shit, I rarely even go out where I might be less that 5 ft a way from white women especially…prevention is better than cure


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