Which teams does Jose Mourinho believe can win the Premier League? | Super Sunday


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  1. Jose was so happy joining Manchester United I mean he always dreamt of being the boss. Yes he likes to buy proven players. But he would of gave city n lfc a run for there money.

  2. Graeme Souness contradicting himself yet again… "I think Manchester United will finish 4th as I think Harry Maguire will make such a big difference" …Now watch a video of 'Jose Mourinhos prediction of United's finishing position' where he says… "I've said from the start Manchester United have no chance of finishing in the top 4"

  3. He's perfect for the job. Only good at moving his mouth to talk all day. None of his previous UCL or League trophies can win him a game now. He's too abrasive and no longer has the tactical nous to challenge modern managers like Guardiola or Klopp. Him and his boring style of football should be locked up in a cell.

  4. Ha ha souness Utd 4th what is he watching Utd hasn't a chance Arsenal play them next with there strike force they will be well beat at home to there day of dominating is well over

  5. I am a big fan of Jose but suggesting Mancity B will win the title is contrary to the truth. Just after Laporte got injured Man City are struggling in the backline. I think only 2 teams will compete for the title not 4, remove Spurs and Man city B from the title race

  6. Look at Nevilles face when the host says, "I am sure you agree these guys talk sense". Neville always stated JM is not a United type Manager, I agree. But was tense with them sitting in same room..)

  7. No chief exec wants a whingeing manager who only speaks about how little he spends compared to other clubs, criticises players publicly and generally operates with a holier than thou attitude. As both player and chief exec/chairman, there would a fistfull of managers that I'd rather work with. Time to change, Jose. Or get used to life on the sidelines (and the golf course)


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