What televangelist Jim Bakker's Heritage USA theme park looks like today


“20/20” Extra: Inside the former home of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker’s Christian theme park and ministry in Fort Mill, S.C..



  1. Look at all the Christians defending Jim Bakker even after he was in jail for stealing money from old ladies and swindling people out of money all the while living like a rock star but he's not the only guilty one, he was just caught!! Let's not forget the modern day crooks..Benny Hinn, Joyce Meyers etc..a;; modern day crooks using God's name to get rich!! PTL stands for Pass The Loot!!

  2. Jim that crazy guy that said Trump was made president by god and the end of the world is coming…. so he also sells buckets of food to survive the apocalypse….. horrible people. Crazy ass people.

  3. I remember this and more of the scam artists, and of course it was HUGE in the south. While I do not like what he was or what these televangelist do, I am kind of sad to see how this place just went to Hell, literally, maybe its the lover of building in me as I miss and am sad when a old casino comes down in Vegas.

  4. For everyone complaining about the bakers. Your worst then them. I wish i could see into peoples lives and post videos. Of all crap and sin they have done in their lives.

  5. These same people are conning the country into believing that a leader who lies, steals, commits adultery, speaks with a disgusting mouth, berates black people, despises women, mistreats children, etc is a friend of God and should be trusted. Ugh.

  6. Only in religion are conmen and scam artists held in high esteem. To everyone else, they're just liars and frauds making millions off of gullible people by selling invisible products that "only the dead can see". In a perfect world, that would be criminal behavior.

  7. I remember when it was my dream to visit this beautiful awesome park then watched the terrible videos of it's decay several years ago. I hope one day it's fully restored.


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