Woman terrified after ‘ghost’ appears behind her while home alone filming TikTok video


A woman was left petrified after capturing something “sinister” happening in her dance video.

Chloe Hartley has stirred a discussion online after posting the clip on TikTok which, she claims, showed a “spirit” appearing behind her.

The viral footage, which amassed 17.5 million views, records the 22-year-old dancing in the living room to a remix of Britney Spear’s song Toxic.

While she swings her arms in the air and lip-syncs to the lyrics, a black shadow is seen moving down the stairs in the background.

Chloe wrote in the clip that she “had no intentions of ever posting this but look behind me on the stairs”.

She also added: “I’m home alone.”

Chloe did not realise anything while dancing to a remix of Britney Spears’ song in the living room

Viewers were spooked when they saw the eerie movement in the house.

One said: “No someone was definitely walking down the stairs.”

“Well apparently you are not home alone anymore love,” another wrote.

But some suggested that it was a light effect when she moved her hands.

“It’s literally just light change because she moved her hands,” a viewer explained. “The same thing happened few moments before but it wasn’t that intense. Don’t worry.”

A playback clip showed some shadow hovering down the stairs as she raised her arms
A playback clip showed some shadow hovering down the stairs as she raised her arms

Another added: “Definitely shadows that she is casting. They only cast into the stairs when she waves her arms over.”

Chloe gave an update in another video and clarified that this is not the first time something spooky has happened around the house.

She said her niece came over to her house one time and shouted towards the hallway.

“Everyone’s sat in the living room and she screamed ‘No, I don’t want to play with you. No, mummy please, don’t make me play’.

“We moved her around so that she couldn’t see the hallway but we still don’t know what it was.”

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