Woman runs out of house after seeing ‘haunted’ doll start moving ‘on its own’


A woman has filmed the terrifying moment a spooky doll appears to move by itself, in an incident that sent her running out of the house.

Holly Armstrong, from the US, filmed the paranormal activity while babysitting the homeowners’ young children on August 2.

The viral TikTok video, which has been seen more than 10 million times, shows a doll appearing to move its legs.

Holly stands about a metre away from the half-open wardrobe and murmurs: “Oh my God! Oh my, oh my God!”

The “haunted” doll, which wears long brown pants and a pair of dark-coloured shoes, is seen moving its feet in a slow, regular rhythm.

Holly started filming when she noticed the doll appeared to move its feet

At one point, it appears to be lifting up its left leg.

Holly posted the video with a caption: “5 seconds before I jetted out of this house and threw a match behind me.”

Three days later, she gave an update to her followers and explained how she came across to see the doll moving.

She said: “What happened was I was house-sitting for a family, I was there over the weekend.

“I felt like creepy crawlies just being upstairs by myself and all that happened was that I left afterwards.

The doll "tapped its feet" and "lifted" one leg up while sitting on a shelf in a wardrobe
The doll “tapped its feet” and “lifted” one leg up while sitting on a shelf in a wardrobe

“I notified the family and they’re going to investigate it further but I’m still kind of in shock.”

Viewers shared their opinions in the comments as some said the scenes were reminiscent of a horror movie.

One said: “This is like The Boy movie!!”

Another suggested it’s similar to Annabelle the haunted doll, writing: “Girl get some holy water and a cross. It’s time for war!”

But others seemed to have debunked the sinister-looking move.

“Geez look at the finger on the right side on the doll’s leg, it’s moving it,” one sceptic commented. “People are so gullible.”

A second pointed out: “Can someone not be standing right behind the right door that is closed mostly? People need to chill. If the doors were all the way open, that would be different.”

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