Washed-up sea creature with hundreds of tentacles leaves locals scared


The strange clip shows the unidentified species with hundreds of moving tentacles. 

It twists and turns as the dozens of smaller arms spiral out from the centre.

The mystery ocean resident was discovered washed-up in the shore in Kien Giang, southern Vietnam on July 29. 

A tour guide in the area spotted it and decided to take it home to get a better look. 

“It’s a monster. One day it will come back out of the ocean. It’ll be ten times bigger”

Kim Tho, a local

But when locals found out about it they were horrified. 

Du Nam Du, who found the creature, said: ”I don’t know whether it’s an animal, vegetation or something else.”

But Du was later forced to return it back to the ocean, as residents grew increasingly concerned. 

Kim Tho said: ”It’s a monster. One day it will come back out of the ocean. It’ll be ten times bigger.”

Linh Nguyen said: ”I don’t know what it is but it’s scary. It’s actually gross and I don’t want to be near it.”

The animal bares similar resemblance to the terrifying portals that open up to the Upside Down of hit Netflix sci-fi series Stranger Things. 

But people online think they have a more reasonable explanation, claiming it is either a basket starfish or seaweed reacting to the air.

It comes just less than a month before we saw similar scenes in China. 

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