Time travel proof: Man reveals what planets we will inhabit in future


In a shocking revelation, the bloke, named James Oliver, admitted in years to come citizens will have to build structures on planets we couldn’t even imagine visiting in this day.

In an interview with Apex TV, he said: “The problem with everyone living on the same planet is you get to the point where the planet has become so populated, that it’s actually not possible to support that many people.

“So what has actually happened is you have built habitats on various other planets in the solar system – like Mars, Mercury or Venus.

“You may think these planets are not able to live on, but what you’ve done is created this entire facility that is like a dome on the surface.


SHOCKING: The man revealed what planets we could live on in the future

“And it’s hundreds of miles wide and it’s pumped full of atmospheric gases, so it feels like you’re on Earth.”

If true, this claim would go against all that we know.

Scientists have told us Mars is a cold planet, full of deserts and containing very little oxygen or gravity.

And the average annual temperature is -50°C.

Venus is the second planet from the Sun and is Earth’s closest neighbour in the solar system.

It is mainly made up of Carbon dioxide, making it very hard to breathe.

And with its extreme temperature fluctuations, Mercury is not likely a planet that humans would ever want to colonise

But this is not the first shocking claim to come from this self-proclaimed time traveller.

Only yesterday, he warned the public to prepare for evacuation as Yellowstone Volcano is set to blow.

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