Time travel PROOF: Man from 2118 reveals bombshell on future AI love


In an exclusive interview with Daily Star Online, Alexander Smith lifted the lid on what we can expect from robotic technology in the coming years. 

He claims to have worked with the CIA during a time-travelling experiment which saw him wake up 100 years in advance.

And according to Smith, the foreign intelligence service paid him a substantial amount of money to test the futuristic technology. 

But now, after returning back to his rightful period of time, he has decided to reveal the secrets of what he witnessed.


BOMBSHELL: Alexander revealed all about the future of AI

He said: “I saw one man who had no legs and he was actually floating several feet off the ground. 

“I actually went up to him and asked him several questions. 

“As it turns out, he was actually an artificial intelligence robot. 

“In the future robots have all the freedom and rights we do.” 

Smith also went on to reveal that these machines have the same rights as human beings, as well as the ability to make their own decisions. 

He added: “I remember walking down the street in 2118 and I saw a female human and a male robot holding hands. 

“So there were actually human-robot relationships in the future. 

“You have to understand these robots in the future are not like the ones we have today. 

“They are entirely conscious and can think for themselves and they have their own free will.”

This is not the first shocking revelation he has uncovered to Daily Star Online.

On Saturday he spilled the beans on National Lottery secrets. 

And before that, he claimed the CIA is hiding time travel technology from modern civilisation. 

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