Strange white orb spotted flying ‘over NORAD military base’ in Colorado

A strange white “orb” has been hailed as evidence of aliens by UFO believers after a stunned witness caught it on video.

In the video, said to have been recorded above NORAD military installation near Colorado Springs, Colorado, US, a spherical-looking object flies above the tree-line at a distance difficult to gauge.

“Where is it, what the f*** is that?” someone asks while the camera darts around.

The video is a bit blurry, but a deep rumbling sound is audible over the noise of birdsong.

In the final few seconds of the video, the orb appears to flicker before disappearing behind the foliage of a tree.

The weird object moves at a steady pace and appears to be reflecting the light

The weird clip was shared on the ET Data Base YouTube channel and has been watched more than 1,500 times since it was uploaded on May 22.

According to the anonymous witness who filmed it, the object is a UFO and they saw it “while out on a walk”.

Describing what they saw, they continued: “The orb disappeared shortly after my video ended.

“NORAD is right below the UFO at the start of the video.”

A believer wrote: “Alien ship!”

“Tic Tac UFO if legit video,” said another, in reference to the USS Nimitz UAP.

“It’s NORAD’s Extraterrestrial Alien UFO obviously,” said another fan.

But it is likely the orb, and the rumbling sound accompanying it, is just a helicopter, which is what some other commentators thought.

The mysterious clip of a 'UFO' caused a stir on YouTube
The mysterious clip of a ‘UFO’ caused a stir on YouTube

A doubter said: “It’s a helicopter you can see the lights flashing.”

“Orb over a NORAD military installation… I would say military,” reckoned another.

This comes after the sky mysteriously turned neon pink in the dead of night as filmed by a baffled mum.

And a family caught a flashing “UFO” on camera when the object flew above their home, with witnesses saying that “not even helicopters” could manoeuvre like that.

By (Sofie Jackson)

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