Space: ‘Alien blue eyes’ spotted travelling across UK night sky


WITNESSES reported spotting bizarre blue lights above Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire, prompting some to believe they were being watched by aliens.

“The lights were very large and shaped like a pair of eyes looking down at you”

James Lidington

Baffled residents across the UK were left gobsmacked after they saw the unusual sight on Wednesday night. 

The eerie blue lights appeared to move according to witnesses before vanishing completely. 

James Lidington, who saw the strange phenomenon, said it seemed like “eyes looking down at you”.


BIZARRE: A strange blue light was spotted above the UK

He told “I first noticed them at around 11pm, and they lasted around two minutes before dispersing. 

“The lights were very large and shaped like a pair of eyes looking down at you.

“It moved across the sky, we only lost sight of it as it disappeared out of sight. It was very strange to see, I’ve never seen anything like it before.

“You read and hear stories about people seeing what they think is aliens. 

“This was very much like those stories, making it feel like it could be aliens or some night creature watching above us.” 

The baffling occurrence is one of many recent events that have left people scratching their heads in disbelief. 

Earlier this week Daily Star Online revealed Indonesian children screwed “hysterically” when they saw a glowing circular object that resembled a UFO in the sky above them. 

A teacher at the school where the bizarre occurrence was filmed said children were “screaming hysterically” when it emerged – close to top holiday hotspot destination Bali.

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