Shocked pensioner pulls very rude ‘anatomically correct’ carrot out of his veg allotment

A stunned gardener pulled a penis-like carrot from his garden so phallic that people have joked that he fed it Viagra.

Retired engineer Andy Newton, 59, was digging in his allotment when he pulled from the ground the eye-catching carrot.

Andy, who has been growing veg in his allotment for 30 years, has never seen anything like it despite all his experience gardening.

The gardener, from Warton, Warwickshire, entered the carrot into the ugly veg section of the Church End Brewery Fair which took place on Sunday.

Andy said: “I grow all sorts down at the allotment, beetroots, onions, beans – you name I grow it.

The surprised gardener said that he has only seen this sort of thing on the internet

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“I was digging and pulled out this strange-looking carrot, I have never seen anything like this before – only on the internet but never in person. It is a total one-off.

“The guy who runs the allotment was totally shocked to find out what I had discovered. We have had a laugh with it.

“Others have been asking if I had fed it with Viagra.

“I am going to the country fair so I will throw into the ugly veg competition for a laugh.

Alongside usually normal carrots Andy also grows beetroots, onions and beans
Alongside usually normal carrots Andy also grows beetroots, onions and beans

“Any proceeds from that will go to the charities of the Warton Allotments – The Salvation Army and The Atherstone Food Bank.”

While most carrot problems are usually related to boring and chewing insects, the most common reason you may find carrots forked and deformed is improper cultivation, according to GardeningKnowHow.

Carrots that force their way through compacted or rocky soil will split and become malformed. Carrots may also become stunted or deformed when they are planted too closely together.

By (Bradley Stokes, Leigh Mcmanus)

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