North Korea: Kim Jong-un LOVES Harry Potter because boy wizard is ‘just like HIM’


TYRANT Kim Jong-un is hooked on Harry Potter – because he thinks the boy wizard is just like him.


POTTY: Tyrant Kim Jong-un is hooked on Harry Potter

The North Korean despot believes his struggle against the West is like Harry’s over evil Voldemort.

JK Rowling’s best-selling books are among the few Western works the head of state has allowed into North Korea.

A source in South Korea said: “The Harry Potter books are famous the world over – and North Korea is no exception.

“Kim sees himself as being like Harry, a young man who grew up to perform great things and take on the evil that is in the world.

“He clearly sees his fight to build nuclear weapons as his big struggle to have power over the evil West – including the great enemies, South Korea and the US.”

The magic-loving maniac is also said to be a passionate fan of Disney, allowing in films such as Dumbo and Cinderella.

North Korea is also set to embrace another Western entertainment favourite – as it launches its own version of X Factor.

Broadcast on North Korean TV, the music talent show will have seven judges, including one of Kim’s top men, the vice minister for culture.

Expert Dr Markus Bell said: “This is part of North Korea’s efforts to present itself to its people – and to a limited extent the world – as a strong, competent state.”

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