Mystery as fire destroys entire crop field but leaves dead teen’s shrine untouched


Firefighters were left stunned when they found a shrine built to remember a teen girl intact after a fire in the field.

Footage taken by one of the fire crew shows the aftermath of the blaze in the town of Armstrong, in the northeastern Argentina province of Santa Fe, after a fire started in an area of pasture spread to surrounding areas.

Chief firefighter German Cecchi, 44, walks through the charred field and burnt crops, saying: “I am not much of a believer but look at this, the field is totally burnt, but then look around the little virgin, nothing.”

Fire captain German Cecchi records the aftermath of the fire on the crop field

He pans the camera around the completely burnt grass before heading towards the white shrine with a cross at the top, which remains untouched along with the surrounding patch of grass.

German, who has worked as a firefighter for 25 years, said that they were told the shrine was built in homage to a 13-year-old girl “who died in 1997 in a spot where many of my workmates have had to attend (traffic) accidents”.

In a statement the fire department released, they said: “We went to the scene and started to put out the fire, with the flames coming from the northwestern area inside the crop field, we worked for a long time in order to control it

The shrine built for the 13-year-old girl who died 23 years ago remained untouched after the blaze
The shrine built for the 13-year-old girl who died 23 years ago remained untouched after the blaze

“When we finished extinguishing the flames we saw this shrine around which nothing had been burned for about two metres surrounding it.

“It caught our attention and we were very surprised, so I decided to record the video.”

Local media Cronica reported that the shrine was built by a man identified only as Hugo, who was believed to be the father of the teenage girl who died in a traffic accident.

Hugo told the newspaper: “My daughter was 13 years old when she passed away. I built this shrine with a manger and an angel to remember her.”

He attributes the happening to God, he said: “There was a huge flame and this space was left free from fire. It is impressive. I am a believer, God cared for my shrine… this shows that God is here.”

The fire captain explained that the area was dry, which could easily catch the fire, but the shrine was left untouched and did not get dirty.

German said: “There is no explanation for the shrine not burning, I do not know if it was a miracle or not, there is no explanation, there are things that just happen and this happened and it does not have an explanation for me or for anybody.”

By (Tiffany Lo)

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