Mysterious screams ‘like a banshee’ heard piercing through Texas night sky


A Texas resident has been left seriously creeped out after recording strange, piercing screams echoing through the night in Texas.

Daniel Robb, who lives in the city of Bryan, recorded a high-pitched shrieking on May 23 and said it sounded like something of a banshee, a female spirit in Irish mythology.

He shared the footage on YouTube and claimed the unexplained noise was coming from the sky.

He points at the cloud and says: “There’s a sound screaming, so freaking loud and it’s coming from up there.

“That’s coming from, like up in the sky, outside of my apartment. What is that?”

The unnerving howl happens every few minutes when the stormy weather lights up the sky.

Daniel added: “It was so loud it made the hairs on my arms and my neck stand tall.

“It filled the entire night sky! I’ve never heard anything like it before.”

Viewers were also shocked by the odd phenomenon as they tried to find out what it is.

“It likely is a banshee,” one agreed.

“This is super creepy, it’s like demons screaming in the sky,” a second one wrote.

Some of them took a comical guess on prehistoric creatures like pterodactyls being the cause of the sound while others claimed it’s something coming out of a biblical scene.

One viewer tried to debunk the mystery and said it sounded like a “pressure safety valve lifting”.

He added: “Like a steam valve that’s vented to the atmosphere. Is there a power plant nearby? Could have had an upset and its relieving pressure.”

The most likely explanation for the sight is that the sound is an example of atmospheric invasion.

The noise is caused by natural atmospheric processes, primarily lightning discharges in thunderstorms such as those seen in the video.

As the cloud-to-ground flashes, it releases a strong current that makes a roaring noise echoing in the sky.

By (Tiffany Lo)

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  1. Hahahahahahahhahahahahahaah
    A thunderstorm sound? Are you serious?
    This is the best what i´ve heard in my entire life till now!
    If you believe it or not, THEY ARE COMMING!

  2. It’s too regular to be anything sentient (human and certainly not supernatural). It sounds like some kind of high pressure air being released. I’ve heard very similar sounds attributed to pressure relief.


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