Mermaid SPOTTED? Chilling moment ‘humanoid’ chases tourists on boat


That’s according to renowned ghost hunter Barri Ghai.

Chilling footage surfaced last month of Morales Deby and her pals fun tubing along the Isabela river in Puerto Rico.

The footage shows them speeding down the river but it also captures what appears to be a dark figure lurking in the depths.

Daily Star Online showed the baffling video to Barri, who was left stunned by what it showed.

“It does kind of look like a mermaid”

Barri Ghai, ghost hunter

“It’s like a darker shape under the water,” he said.

“First thing I would think of, I mean it does kind of look like a mermaid.

“It’s a bit freaky.

“Either they’re towing a dead body or there is something that looks humanoid in the water that is chasing them.

“I have no explanation for this.

“It honestly does look like something swimming underneath there and chasing after the boat.

“I wouldn’t say it’s a ghost or a spirit but it’s definitely some form of being.

“It looks like it has mass, hair and skin tone.”

Barri – currently starring in hit paranormal show Help! My House is Haunted – also told this site about the infamous Black Eyed Child sightings.

And he warned that every household in the UK could be haunted.

Help! My House is Haunted is airing weekly on Fridays, 10pm on TV channel Really.

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