Man Barrels 120 MPH Down Side Of Swiss Cliff In A Wingsuit


It’s all downhill from here.

That’s what happens when you barrel down the side of a cliff at 120 mph.

An unidentified man did that in October off the highest exit point on the west ridge of the famous Eiger Mountain in Switzerland.

The man described the freefall on a YouTube page containing the video:

“After climbing through sub-freezing temperatures, I radioed down to my friend waiting on the lower ‘mushroom’ exit point for a planned flyby. I spotted my other friend Robin’s colorful suit and flew in as tight as I could before breaking away from the terrain to open my parachute over a big grassy field.”

The video, recently released by Viral Hog, is not for the faint of heart, as it shows what it looks like to freefall down the side of a cliff. 


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