Ghost news: ‘Suicide victim possessed footballer to try and kill him’


The 16-year-old boy, named as Ploidech or “Nun” was reportedly hurt after climbing a fence to whack a faulty floodlight. 

The teen is said to have been electrocuted and fell to the ground after hitting the light with his hand.

Ploidech is believed to have suffered burns to his right hand, a swollen head and blood pouring out of his mouth and ear after the horror incident, in the Samet sub-district in Chon Buri, Thailand, last Tuesday. 

He was able to talk to his mother, named as Watcharee, when she arrived at the scene, Thai Visa reports. 

But doctors later discovered he had a brain haemorrhage, as well as a ruptured spleen and liver. 

He was rushed into surgery and is now said to be in a coma in intensive care. 

Watcharee reportedly clams Ploidech told her he had seen the hanging body of a suicide victim at the pitch two days earlier. 

She believes the spirit of the deceased person possessed her son – and wanted to take him instead. 


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