Ghost news: Guard makes TERRIFYING find in deserted football stadium


The eerie video shows Raul Arguello, 32, descending a staircase in the Tomas Adolfo Duco Stadium in Buenos Aires.

“It’s 11pm and it’s the third time I’ve heard this banging noise,” he says in Spanish.

“I don’t know what’s going on but I’m going to film it to show people so they believe me because this has never happened to me before.

“It’s terrifying.”

As Raul reaches the bottom of the stairs, the muffled sound escalates into a thunderous din.

He then rounds the corner to move into a brightly-lit room – where a changing room door is being jerked open and shut repeatedly apparently of its own accord.


SCARY: A security guard was left terrified after what he found in a deserted football stadium

Picking up a metal bar resting on a wall and edging hesitantly towards the daunting spectacle the petrified man curses loudly as he pushes open the door and bursts into the room.

“See no one is here,” Raul declares in a panicked tone.

“How can nothing be doing this? It’s the third time I’ve entered here because of this noise and there’s nothing… no one.”

The guard pans around the dressing room to prove there is nothing there.

But as the camera briefly rests on a bench on the far-right wall, a ghost-like figure breaks cover and scurries from left to right across the screen, before disappearing into the wall.

The black figureFOCUSON NEWS

MYSTERY: A chilling black figure appeared on the camera

Raul doesn’t spot the mysterious sight but then says: “Oh God, I’m going to leave.

“I want to go.”

The married dad-of-two exits the haunted room and has since confirmed he was so stressed from the encounter which happened on April 3, that he handed in his notice and found a different security job.

Tomas Adolfo Duco Stadium was contacted for a comment but did not respond.

It’s not the first time so-called ghosts have been caught on camera.

A group of explorers were left running for their lives after what they found inside an abandoned factory.

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