Ghost news: CCTV footage of ‘poltergeist’ FLYING divides internet


In the video, a small upright object comes into view and aimlessly drifts around a road.

Suddenly, it lifts off the ground and soars up out of the camera shot.

For a full 30 seconds, the mystery figure floats above the CCTV before it re-appears and touches back down.

More than 14,500 people have seen the footage since it was posted to YouTube last month and viewers were quick to comment their own thoughts on what it could be.

“That’s some crazy s***,” one said. “Is the film altered in any way?

“If not, that’s some crazier s*** than I first thought. Damn that was cool.”

Another added: “I think it’s a spirit trying to or not manifest.”

But others were less convinced, with a third writing: “For all we know, it could be just something attached by string to a drone that’s out of shot.

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