Family baffled as mysterious object hovers above Texas as other witnesses come forward

A family was left baffled when they spotted what seemed to be a mysterious UFO suspended in the air

YouTub vlogger “EagleRun23” noticed an eerie figure floating in the sky when he was playing with his children in the backyard of their home in Denton County of Texas.

The dad recorded the objects strange movement and uploaded a video to YouTube asking for help.

In the clip he posted on his channel, it is visible that an oval-shaped object is moving very slow in the clear blue sky.

While the children play with bubbles in the garden, the dad comments on the UFO: “No idea what that is.

“Is it going down or going up? Sorry for the bubbles, there is no way to have perspective for this.”

The father noticed a black oval-shaped object flying in the sky at a low speed

Unable to compare it to any other known flying objects, the man suggests: “It looks like a spaceship?

His daughter also comments: “Why isn’t the parachute opening?”

The video has sparked a lot of wild conspiracies as viewers suggest some of the most bizarre items they could think of.

One said: “Looks like an iPhone needle.”

A second commented: “There were videos of similar objects. They were airy. They looked like this one but were traveling past it was airy.”

A third penned: “I have heard people on Coast to Coast AM talking about space ship’s looking like rods. Maybe this is what they are talking about.”

The object was higher than the cable lines in the area but it was not moving particular fast
The object was higher than the cable lines in the area but it was not moving particular fast

“Is this James Dyson’s air fan?” another added.

Others disputed the UFO claims and said it could be a weather balloon.

“Looks like a weather balloon,” a viewer wrote. “It has ran out of almost all of its hot air. Just hanging at a specific altitude. Floating around, until it drops.”

Another said: “Very odd, but I wouldn’t say it’s a UFO.”

This came after a conspiracy theorist spotting a “metallic UFO” half-submerged in the Antarctica waters.

Alien hunter Graham believed the triangular disc had a dome shaped feature and could measure up to 60ft long.

By (Tiffany Lo)

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