Drunk men shoot each other trying put bulletproof vest


Christopher Hicks visited his friend Charles Ferris this weekend, and the pair were drinking in Ferris’s garden when they idea of trying out a bulletproof vest came up.

Ferris told Hicks to shoot him, and Hicks did so. The bullet from a .22 rifle didn’t penetrate the bulletproof very but raised a nasty welt on Ferris’s chest.

Then it was Hicks’s turn.

Ferris, who later admitted to police that he was “pissed” about being shot, reportedly “unloaded the clip” into Hicks’s back. 

While none of the five rifle rounds reached Hick’s skin, he was left with significant bruising.

He took himself to hospital, where staff called the local police.

“Charles told me he had ben paid $200 to protect this ‘asset and would not tell me details of the incident”

Deputy Dorian Hendrix

Rather than tell the truth about their drunken escapade, Ferris instead concocted a fanciful story about having been approached in a bar in Springfield, Arkansas, by a man known only as ‘The Asset’ who paid him and his friend $200 to act as his bodyguards.

Then, he claimed, they were driven to a meeting that turned into an ambush. A gunfight then allegedly ensued in which Hicks and Ferris were shot.

Ferris kept the story up until his wife arrived at the hospital and told cops the truth about what had happened.

Both Ferris and Hicks were arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault. They could both face a potential penalty of six years in prison and be each fined up to £7,000.

The suspects are set to appear at Benton County Court on May 13.

Both men are free on $5,000 bond and ordered not to contact one another, reports 5 News KFSM. 


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