Do aliens exist? ‘Definite yes’ space experts say ahead of bombshell Pentagon UFO report

A group of space experts have resoundingly supported the idea that extraterrestrials exist – but that does not mean we will ever meet any.

The experts have weighed in ahead of a report from the Pentagon’s Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) task force which will set out what the US Government know about aliens.

Some details from the report are understood to have already been leaked to the New York Times with the theory that UAPs were top-secret hypersonic weapons designed and developed by Russia and China.

Suspicions have also been raised by a classified annex to be included in the report where there are concerns the truth about alien life-form will be hidden from the public.

Experts from across the scientific spectrum unanimously believe that aliens do exist

Four out of five experts recently asked by The Conversation believe that aliens exist with only an astrobiologist stating he did not.

Martin Van-Kranendonk declined their existence based on his belief that it is difficult to even define what life is.

He said: “So, perhaps, the more expanded answer is we do not know. In fact, we may never be able to definitively answer this question. But of course, there is much work being done in an effort to figure this out.

Scientists say that defining what 'life' is influences whether it is found
Scientists say that defining what ‘life’ is influences whether it is found

“Perhaps one day we can know if we have nearby inter-planetary neighbours, or if indeed we are alone. Or perhaps we never will.”

Astrobiologist Jonti Horner disagreed with his colleague but questioned whether we would be able to find them in an infinite space.

“I find it impossible to believe Earth is the only planet that has life — including intelligent and technologically-advanced life…

Alien life-form may be a simple as a bacteria
Alien life-form may be a simple as a bacteria

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“So while I do believe alien life exists, I think finding proof of this will prove astonishingly hard,” he argued.

Astrophysicist Steven Tingay also believes that the answer lies in how we chose to define a life-form and that aliens play by a “completely different set of rules”.

He said: “It is hard to believe that the particular mix of conditions that resulted in “life” only occurred on Earth, and not on the trillions of other planets in the universe.

A US Government report is expected to reveal what is known about aliens
A US Government report is expected to reveal what is known about aliens

“But it remains to be seen whether this life is like bacteria, or is an exciting “technologically advanced civilisation” we can communicate with.”

Rebecca Allen a Space Technology Expert believes that that aliens exist but they “probably don’t look like us”.

“Organisms defy science by existing where life has no business existing, such as in the sludge around volcanic vents.

“I would bet alien life exists in the form of these ‘extremophiles’.”

By (Ian Molyneaux)

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