“Our latest Formula 1 2019 news updates as part of our rolling coverage. – Start Lights Issue – Future Event Updates – Floor Damage For Hamilton – Mick …



  1. i don't think small part on wining baby made a difference of 20+ secs(even though i understand that aerodynamics is very sophisticated thing to get it correct) … just give bottas the credit he deserved instead of covering wining baby

  2. F1 will never be great in the US, the US people only like US sports (American football (rugby), baseball (cricket) and basketball (korfbal), and US winners.
    Hamilton is a superman that he could complete the race with that damaged car (irony mode off)
    Schumacher was granted a more powerfull engine in F3 than the rest. He will be exposed in F1 if they will do the same in F2 again.

  3. I used to love and respect most F1 drivers in history no matter what but when i saw the un fair and biased hatred towards Lewis Hamilton I decided to be un fair and be biased and have hatred towards other F1 drivers.

  4. Seriously F1? You see Vietnam as an important region for growth, but not India, the second most populous country and the sixth largest economy of the world? wtf are you smoking? (no offense to Vietnamese, peace guys).

  5. Bullshit from Mercedes. As usual… bottas put 2.5 seconds between him and hamilton during the 4 first laps, and at this time hamilton didnt have any broken fucking wing or whatever. Mercedes is dirty with bottas. They should be ashamed of trying to underestimate bottas results only to try to cover hamilton under performance. And to the cocky engineer wolwes who tried to explain that pretended huge damage in this vidéo : fuck you, Hamilton damn sucker…

  6. 5:30 I think Susie Wolff has driven the 2014 hybrid Williams (FW36) and I believe she is female so you lied…hahaha…no hate to the channel though, this actually one of if not the best channel that helps keep me updated with f1 news so thumbs up…keep doing the good work


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