“Our latest Formula 1 2018 news updates as part of our rolling coverage. – Ocon To Williams? – Arrivabene On Vettel – Jones Backs Ricciardo’s Move – Mercedes …



  1. ferrari has the second best car, they suck when it comes to strategy and tire options, they don't favor Vettel as driver #1 and make Kimi help him to win the championship as Mercedes does, and now Maurizio comes and say that Vettel is a two-edged sword, not fair for a 4 times world champion, and shame on some Ferrari fans whom want Vettel to be replaced.

  2. One of the best races of the season. That is what happens when you build a purpose built track for F1. Street circuits in F1 are killing the sport. These new F1 cars are too fast and too large for most street tracks. Liberty Media need to start investing money into race tracks instead of worrying about grid girls. We have the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders.

  3. Didn't Arrivabene say something in the post race interview at COTA that Ferrari had lost one of their top Engineers to illness? Losing two top people on a team this close together is really hard on the team.

  4. Ocon may have a shot at Williams. I know they are trying to raise the funds at Williams, but didn't the Russian backers of Serotkin (spelling?) have their bank accounts frozen recently?

  5. Commenting on Vettel's "double-edge" sword according to Mauricio Arrivabene, he is right. As good as Vettel is, making mistakes under pressure can be costly, especially how Mercedes have been doing as of late, so I can understand the pressure Sebastian is under. I know the odds are very likely we will see Lewis Hamilton become a 5-time Formula One champion, but even with the 70-point deficit, anything can happen. If Vettel can at least get first place and Hamilton scores low or retires in the last three races, then the chance is still there. However as the records state, Hamilton has only retired once and the lowest finish he's had this season is 5th, so the odds are really stacked against Vettel. But as I've said before, the last thing I would want to see Vettel do is go down without a fight. Forza Ferrari!

  6. The Inside Line is a classic act…I always tell everyone. Wouldn't it be the best thing ever to finally see the face behind the voice of these videos? Anyway. But seriously, Alan Jones oughtta know, right? Certainly Danny Ric cannot be criticized in the least. He's a proven talent. Reckon he'd beat 'em all with the right kit, no doubt. But you know who I'd like to see fight with him? Two men. Max, of course–whose gonna doubt't it? Secondly, wait for it… Hulkenberg! Who would criticize The Hulk and The Honey Badger as a team?! Of course not!

    I'm from Ottawa, Canada, so I know about maple syrup, clean air, coffee and YouTube, but what the hell is a honey badger anyway?


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