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  1. I am Japanese.
    The population of Chinese is increasing in Australia.
    Do you not feel fear?
    The same phenomenon is happening in Japan.
    The aim is to take over Australia by the Chinese Communist Party.
    The strategy is legal.
    They do not want money.
    The purpose is to obtain rights and privileges.
    It is because it is possible to legally take over Australia if you can get the rights and authority.
    It is a weak point of a democratic nation.
    Australia is a great country for Chinese because of its large area, natural environment and small population.
    First of all, Chinese people have ties with Australian powers (politicians).
    The way is money. Politicians who are weak in money soon become friends with Chinese people.
    If you get money, politicians will sell their weaknesses to Chinese.
    After that, I have to obey Chinese. This results in many politicians in Australia.
    Next, Chinese citizens who have gained nationality will be elected to parliament and local councilors. And it becomes an entity that moves politics.
    Also, other Chinese people acquire or set up a company in Australia and act without common sense, causing frequent troubles with residents. Chinese troubles are famous in the world. A lot of information can be obtained by searching on the Internet.
    As this goes further, Australia will become Chinese.
    Once you get here, you can't go back.
    Stop Chinese immigrants and eliminate Chinese by the time the Chinese (Chinese Communist Party) show their true nature.
    It is also important from the viewpoint of security.

  2. Damn, the mental bullsh*t line never stops — if Nico was so much mentally stronger than Lewis why was the ratio 3:1 in Driver Championships in 2016? Why was Nico "AFRAID" to defend his title? The superiority "mind games" rhetoric is just another latent but over arching manifestation of cultural fear.

  3. With Gasly, yes, is using Max's set-up. At Silverstone, it was more Gasly's far better pace than beating Max. He was even with the Ferraris. Gasly is European & Dr. Death (The Marko Factor) has said Gasly will not be replaced.
    AGP needs to return to Adelaide – far better track/racing/people/city.

  4. Sorry Gasly !! You finished ahead of Max because he got rear ended !!
    Then the difference at the line ?? Next to nothing Max was right there
    & The one time you out qualified Max ?? Canada when K-Mag crashed
    & The yellow came out putting pain to Max's lap & He couldn't finish it
    I've got to admit I expected much more !! But Max's front wing does a
    Lot more flexing than Gasly's (Although RB try & Hide it with the halo)

  5. I know that stats are stats and it was awesome to Gasly being up there in the mix on Silverstone, but it must be said that the two times he beat Verstappen was, on both occasion, because of Verstappen being compromised. Magnussen's crash in Q2 Canada denied Verstappen to put in a timed lap and on Silverstone he was well ahead of him before he got knocked off the track.

  6. Did you guys know that Kuwait Motor Town is affiliated with the FIA and FIM? It will host all if not most motorsport disciplines like F1, F2, WEC, GT, and all the other amazing motorsport disciplines

    Edit: I'm not advertising for them or anything, just sharing some news


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