Our latest Formula 1 2018 news updates as part of our rolling coverage. – Ricciardo Closing Chapter – F1 To Expand Calendar – Ticktum Wins Macau F3 Again …



  1. If there is one wish that I have, it's that Daniel Ricciardo end his Red Bull career on a high note and finish on the podium. It does not matter if it's first, second or third, I would love to see him standing there and take away one fantastic memory as he moves to Renault next season. Please Ricciardo, for this Formula One fan and for your fans around the world, do it for us!

  2. Liberty Media are full of shit – they aren't expanding the calendar to make it better for fans, they want the venues that generate the most money. Looks likely they will drop the British GP, the oldest race on the calendar and a track that always produces great races, in favour of street circuits that will provide about as much action as a chess tournament.

  3. People who keep saying that women should go back to the kitchen are hypocrites especially considering Calderón's raw speed and Sophia surviving that horrid F3 crash. People who do not support women in being in the sport have no life and has no soul for their (women's) passion in being in the motorsport. Go cry me a sea of tears women haters because I got buckets waiting

  4. Daniel's rash decision to leave RB has made him a champion without a winning car. So sad to see. He should have waited for another year to see what Honda does. Liberty Media are a bunch of bozos. They are losing tracks left and right and are adding slow, street circuits in their place. These street circuits are too slow for today's faster and larger cars, making racing worse. Bernie sold LM a bag of bones.


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