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  1. Soooo…. Williams was supposed to have Russell and Kubica test Kubica's car to determine why the cars are different. What Happened?
    1. When Russell was driving Kubica's chassis, he was using nose cone and floor from HIS OWN CAR#63!!! Obviously, trying to feel the differences it's useless. Unless you are trying to show Russell to be faster than Kubica (didn't work, Kubica was faster by 0.4 s. Williams quickly dismissed it as "only testing")
    2. Williams run "car #88 program" for only a few laps that Kubica was able to run. The remaining time was used on tests that had NOTHING to do with trying to improve Kubica's car.
    3. Only Kubica's car was tested so that his chassis has over 5,000 km while Russells only 1,500 km.
    4. Leaks from Williams indicate that Kubica's car has a flaw that is NOT present in Russell's car. Every time a news like this appears, it is taken down withing minutes (Twitter was the latest case)
    5. When asked what were the results of the tests, Kubica said that he doesn't know, because nobody told him anything. That's the guy who is known to spend whole nights in the garage working with the engineers to improve his cars.
    6. Kubica was to receive a new car in Bahrain. We are in China and still no new car.
    7. Conclusions by some people – Williams is actively sabotaging Kubica. Why, I don't know. Some experts believe it has to do with Mercedes and a place for Ocon.

  2. 1:01 HAAS needs to get rid of Grosjean and bring in an American driver to this American team….Any change would be better than letting Grosjean keep dragging the team down

  3. Hearing the news that Patrick Head is back with Williams is good news. He was so instrumental on so many things in past years, so if he's here to "steady the ship," I certainly hope that Williams can bounce back and prove that they are viable championship contenders, not just the "get experience and move to a stronger team" kind of team

  4. Rather than a complex and costly standard transmission project, that will most likely make top teams unhappy, I recommend eliminating the transmissions, differentials, drive shafts, u joints and mounts, entirely,
    with a standard generator on the engines, along with the generator on the turbo shafts, and 4 (bigger)motor/brakes in the bigger wheels.
    Kinda like the hybrids of Merc and Ferr. dominating races now.
    Simplifies, as in lower costs, cooling also.

    As for making the cars louder – look up the signs at the Indy 500 that warn all of the hundreds of thousands of people crowding the stands that they MUST wear ear protection, because of car sounds up to 140+db, that WILL give permanent hearing loss, without ear plugs or headphones.

  5. Williams might have a reason to contract Robert Kubica, but from everybody point of view it is another big mistake the team William make. This girl knows nothing about motorsport or racing. Let's see how far she can go wrong.

  6. Why would there be standardized parts when there will be a cost cap? Sounds redundant and cost cap is likely to achieve the same goal as standardized parts but better. Because teams will probably outsource some parts due to the cost cap, and 2 or more companies can compete supplying and teams have the ability to pick and choose from different suppliers or develop themselves


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