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  1. Very mature to put your car into your team mates car and cost the team more than you had to lose… but let’s ignore that right? Vettel? Let’s focus on max who won the race and made statements that relate to MERCEDES starting an investigation after they couldn’t overtake you with DRS open on the straights in japan.. weird how that doesn’t happen anymore…

  2. It's time for a new formula…cars should not be made the same, variety is the spice of life. In the 70's and 80's F1 was so much fun because the teams were allowed to innovate, I mean at one race you would see v8, v12, flat 12 and v6 turbo cars all on track. But the FIA are ruining the sport by trying to make all cars the same. We need a new formula!

  3. I feel so bad for Hulk. Would have been so nice to get him in a Racing Point and make again that good pair: Checo-Hulk. But noooo drivers like Stroll have to stay….

  4. When I watch F!, I find it lacking in excitement as compared to Indycar, or Nascar. You don't see Americans wanting to go to Europe as in the past to prove themselves. America is where the racing is the best for cars. Nascar killed bike racing in America!

  5. Don't worry about max he just jealous of Charles because he knows wheel to wheel he can beat him.
    2020 is gonna be a great year for F1, people talking about Lewis matching Schumacher's record but he might not be able to with the talent.
    McLaren are coming back, I believe they will win a race with in the next 2 years.
    Sad to see Nico go, he was a good driver and had the best helmet on the grid.

  6. Stick a fork in The Hulk, he's done in Formula 1. Never seized opportunities when they presented themselves or forced the issue when he should have over NINE years! He's not a pirate, he's a 32 yr old, mediocre, mid-field journeyman who's been around doing not much ever and there's just too many of those right now. He doesn't have 'Sergio Perez/Carlos Slim Helu level' financial backing. What's left to talk about? Nothing exceptional aside from a few passes here and there but there are better drivers who could do more in whatever car he's in, it's just that simple.

  7. Friction in the minds for each other cause crashes on the track…
    Classic Examples…
    Grosjean and Magnusson
    Perez and Icon
    Hamilton and Rosberg
    and now …
    Charles and Vettel
    Not a suprise


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