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  1. One thing you are always going to have a team or more who can squeeze more horsepower out of a smaller displacement engine but regular motors should allow some teams to get back to at least see the front,I thought of it this way,engines mite allow a team,to during a pit sequence actually lead a lap or two and make a race out of it,some strategy,instead leaders pit and not even allow another car a half of a lap leading the race for 40 seconds,engines engines engines engines….bye by hybrids,in your street car excellent,right…cool.

  2. Yeah motorsport racing is strange when I was younger I always thought the sponsers were on the race car,not on the drivers,not always but if big sponsers are with a driver,where does that leave an aspiring driver who can win a race or win races without proper support,this is not just F1…the sponsers are on the drivers not on the team or car,wierd…smotovation does the team have to win ,if they can't change a driver without losing funding is that not backwards….and how an when did it change????????

  3. I think u could do away with hybrid mixed car tech at let F1 be F1 gas only limit the liters 2.5,or 2.8,turbo or what ever,V8 s would give more power and some torque the racing is lame because your driving a screaming high rpm small V6 with no torque,and worse yet its a hybrid,that is not. Helping,I love the hybrid thing but u want to cut cost let them go back to simple race y style motors with torque,that allows more teams to make competitive engines that make equal horse power or at least get them in the ball park engine wise with simplicity…2.5 liter engine was my original suggestion…I love the fact that hybrids have come so far I just don't think they need to be in the premier class..simple larger motors turbo…I don't think we need,V10 and V12 s,again,just play the audio on the speakers….THANKS hey the guys who build the best car are going to be the ones to beat,yeah also when they have the best driver too,passing is set up and horsepower..

  4. Things you do which resulted to penalties in life.

    1) Cheating in tax
    2) Speeding dangerously on road
    3) Staying in front of Hamilton even if he was cruising to the grocery

  5. アロンソFlに、戻ってくるな!そんな都合の、いい話し有るわけ無いな、どこも取らないよ。自分で、チーム創れば❗

  6. Mercedes request something to the FIA: Sure sweetie go ahead, I know how important this is
    FerrarI request something to the FIA: 5 second penalty for wanting to do something under Parc Fermé

  7. What a shame. Toyotas were alone, no other manufacturer in their class. Selling this as a win… lol. And of course, Mr. Indonesia, sorry, Mr. Alonso making his pay to win move to keep his followers happy.

  8. Dan Ticktum needs to get off the bottom of the grid in Super Formula…yet he's already being shown as a future F1 driver….just goes to show that money can get you whatever you want.
    Edit: Kimi's hair at 3:25 is priceless.

  9. "we made a request to the FIA to change the throttle actuator and some of the associated hydraulics

    i bet my life if any other team that isn't mercedes have had this happen to em, they would get a grid penalty at least

  10. Giving out free super license points for free practice runs is just a drop of cold water on a hot stone – a short term fix. What would be better is trying to cooperate and persuade new manufacturers to join the paddock. It's a shame Porsche wasn't offered some sort of deal to enter the sport, which would open up two active race seats as well as some more behind the scenes. Getting more teams into the sport is the solution they have to pursue, and at the same time not make it too easy to enter (i.e. too much standardization) and exit the sport because it will cause too much fluctuation of the teams.

  11. im sorry but Alonso World Title is a joke to any championship theres no competition in the LMP1 category its Toyota vs. Toyota and to the lack of competition Toyota knew that theres more headlines and a better publicity stunt saying Alonso wins than Toyota wins everyone how really likes WEC didn’t even pay attention to the LMP1 category during all season because theres no competition.


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