“Our latest Formula 1 2019 news updates as part of our rolling coverage. – Anthoine Hubert, 1996-2019 – Bottas Stays At Mercedes – Ocon Returns To Renault …



  1. With all the rnd spent safety on the cars yet very little spent on track safety. I'm referring to fact we still use tyre walls as a safety Barrier. If the safety Barrier was able to obsorb more energy Antoine would not of bounced back into the run off.
    It was a freak accident a lot of things went wrong unfortunately.

  2. I definitely don't think reducing the number of days for pre season testing and scrapping mid-season testing in order to extend a calendar that is already too far stretched and the the current limitations on the allocation of engines you want us to do 3 engines per 22 races it's just not going to happen come towards the end you just get teams deliberately sacrificing results in order to take engine penalty so they can maintain a decent number of engines we need four engines five will be ideal and go back to an 18 Grand Prix calendar that was sufficient oh well Formula One going down the pan and within the next two years I'm pretty stop watching it and just go to YouTube and Google in the results why bother paying for something that is not delivering what as a fan I would expect

  3. Bottas' chance to win a WC was this season, not next.
    He's a classic #2, and if by a miracle he ends up WC in 2020, he will immediately retire and create another shitty YT channel to rival Nico's.

  4. I hope it doesn't happen, but it could be very heavy rain at Monza on Sunday, if this happens the race could be delayed or cancelled due to safety concerns. Monza is incredibly fast and dangerous in the wet. Let's all pray for a dry Monza.

  5. It’s sad this Anthoine Hubert lost his life in that tragic accident. But the only thing that annoys me about it is that no one knew who he was and now as soon as he died everyone started following him on Instagram and acting as if they’ve been there since “day one”. But still sad to see such a young driver lose their life.

  6. Azerbaijan -> Canada -> France … Italy -> Singapore -> Russia -> Japan …. I hope the F1 calendar will reduce the travel for 2021 (for the team and for the planet …)


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