Watch Banksy’s $1.4 million painting ‘self-destruct’


The painting “Girl with a Balloon” by famed artist Banksy was ripped to shreds immediately after it sold for $1.4 million at a London auction house.



  1. Watch @2:25 when the woman asks about the painting right behind him. She didn't realize he was nearby in another room standing in front of a green screen and had no clue as to what was being shown. Listen as they laugh it off.
    Notice how everyone was smiling as the painting was shredding. In real life, the entire crowd would have gasped in amazement in addition to a few screams of surprise. The media fabricates and stages bullshit nonsense like this just to see how ignorant and gullible the sleeping masses really are.

  2. I personally wouldn’t be able to pay such a ludicrous amount of money for art, however that’s not the issue here. 90% of the people commenting here don’t understand the basic fundamentals of art, or the even more worryingly the point of art. Many people here are commenting that “it’s just a girl with a balloon anyone could do that” A statement like that is neither here nor there. Yes anyone could draw a girl with a balloon.. but they didn’t Banksy did. It’s the thought and expression behind the art that is important, it’s what it’s representing. Does it symbolise loosing a loved one? Giving you heart away to someone. Perhaps losing your faith in love. Maybe reaching out to grasp love? Or is it something as simple as an innocent child loosing a balloon, something most of us can relate.The point is it can be interpreted how ever the observer wishes, that’s what adds value to art not the paint on the canvas. Has anyone considered why Banksy chose not to shred the whole painting? That choice alone was an artistic decision. Like Schrödinger’s cat by Banksy choosing to only shred half of the painting he has rendered the painting both worthless and priceless at the same time! Again the painting is now subjected to the viewer to how they see fit. Has the painting been destroyed? Or has the painting been improved. Both can exist at the same time.

  3. It's fucking pathetic that anyone is willing to pay 1.4 million for a piece of canvas with some pigment on it. I mean come on, look @ that that shit. I've seen waaayyyyy more artistic looking murals done illegally (graffiti).
    This is evidence of how stupid rich people can be.

  4. Such genius! How thought provoking is that! Fresh respect for Banksy!


    How did he get a disguised, battery operated shredder to go off ONLY at the sound of a gavel coming down given that if it had gone off prematurely, or too late, the whole thing would have been utterly meaningless? Is the painting worth more, now, or less? Did the buyer have a cardiac arrest? Was nobody, in the gallery, in on it?

  5. DevalPatrick is a clown and has plenty of skeletons in his closet, including trying to keep his brother-in-law’s name off the SexOffender list after more than one sexual assaults was caught red handed


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