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On what was meant to be Brexit Day the House of Commons rejected Theresa May’s deal for a third time.

Exasperated voters now look on Parliament in despair – but the fault for this dispiriting deadlock lies squarely with Mrs May.

Her stubborn incompetence has stopped the Commons uniting around a Brexit plan.

Instead of trying to find compromises she repeatedly put her party’s interest first.

It is clear from this week’s indicative votes that a majority could be found for a Brexit that would see the UK stay in a customs union.

This would help solve the Irish border question and protect jobs and business.

A day that was supposed to end with the UK leaving the EU ended in yet more question marks


Yet Mrs May has refused to consider this because it could split the Conservatives.

She is now toying with a general election as a way of ending the stalemate.

This would open up the Tories to a well deserved hammering – punished by Leave voters for making a mess of Brexit and by Remain voters for ignoring their concerns.

The Prime Minister has utterly failed to deliver what she promised – a deal that will determine our future for generations to come.

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