'You broke my wrist': Georgia man sues police for excessive force | USA TODAY


Man sues police for excessive force in a case of mistaken identity. RELATED: Protestors attempt to take down Andrew Jackson statue …



  1. Fire this cop and the other cops. Sue the cop and the police department. Police never want to deescalate any situation they come into contact with. They only inflame with their short tempers, abuse their authority, never searched out for alternitive solutions against a non violent petty offence, if you'd even call it that. The police don't reach their quota that way. Refund the police. This has got to stop.BLM!

  2. Now even if the an other guy was panhandling would he be taken down like this warrant or no warrant? They should have just acted like gentlemen and given him $20.00 and sent him on his way. I mean come on guys what would Jesus do in this situation. Crimes as seen on this video can't just go unanswered anymore–what if that was your father being treated like that. These guys are just thugs lawless–I'm not speaking for all police but come on enough is enough. Would anyone wait around for an ambulance after this–the trust is long gone not even "Hey man, I sorry" Nothing

  3. I love the police..but they messed up big time on this one..just like the Floyd's death incident.. We know he's gonna get rich on this incident..easy 700 thousand or more

  4. We need better education for police in how to do their job better and make police accountable for their mistakes and misconduct. What happened to this men should not had happen.

  5. With everything going on in the country right now, this filthy POS cop STILL thought he could do this and get away with it. Sickening, put that sociopath in a cell and throw away the key, the world won't miss him that's for sure.

  6. How the hell is this STILL happening? That cop came at him like a crazy brain damaged lunatic! So, if you're black in America, you're not allowed to be walking or standing on the street or anywhere? And Americans like to point fingers at South Africa?!
    America has a much bigger problem than anywhere else. It's ridiculous.


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