Yankees vs. Angels Game Highlights (8/30/21) | MLB Highlights


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  1. The Yankee come from winning 13 games in a row, now they have 3 consecutive defeats. All teams go through several losing streaks during a season, but the strength of a great team is to make sure these losing streaks are ended early and to prevent the team from prolonging that erratic game of the moment. Are the Yankee a great team? Do they have what it takes to avoid falling into a losing streak when the decisive month of September is already beginning?

  2. Everytime I see the Angels bullpen in the relievers all I can think is about how hard they're trying to throw the game. Who throws a freaking breaking ball low to Stanton in his sweet spot?

  3. ヤンキースファンの人ごめんねw

  4. Another heartbreaking loss for the Yankees. Started out well enough but turned into a slugfest. Relief pitching picked a bad time to spring some leaks.

    On the plus side Kluber did look good before the Angels figured him out. Yankees dormant offense was awake until they weren't.

    Other than that, good game by the Angels. They've played the Yankees tough this season.


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