WOW! Seniesa Estrada KOs Miranda Adkins In SEVEN Seconds


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  1. “ShE DiDnt HaV 2 TakE ThE FigHt!!” She is a fighter you morons. Fighters have pride and will take match-ups they aren’t prepared for. It’s up to matchmakers and coaching staffs to put their fighters in contests they can actually be competitive in.

  2. KO'd boxers dont get oxygen these days, with covid 19? so no oxygen and no one takes the mouthguard out and they put ice on her which must restrict the blood flow.

  3. I read Adkins' husband is a low profile promoter who organnized five sham fights for her wife (hence the 5-0 record). The 5 "boxers" were actually stripers paid to fight, they didn't even havetheir own gear to fight!!!!

  4. This is why the majority of boxing is looking at as a JOKE. The mismatch (even on short notice) is downright shameful and you wouldn’t see anything like that in today’s UFC or the MMA pro scene in general. Boxing needs to unify and have the best fight the best. Building up fighters and padding their records is outdated. With saying that, Estrada looked amazing. I’m definitely watching her next fight live.

  5. No one takes the mouth guard out? Terrible match up, someone needs to lose their job for that, she just let the other woman walk into the pocket and start firing, no backing up or anything.

  6. Big vid I love it enyoing dis came here after watching the Delta Parole musicvideos the new they drop it called waaasted. Loveing dis video, after song pumpin me up for dem gym time bro!!!!

  7. Whoever booked this fight should be investigated. This fighter is obviously not up to the standard and her health has been put in unnecessary danger. Disgraceful


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