Woj breaks down the blockbuster James Harden trade | NBA on ESPN


Adrian Wojnarowski breaks down all the details of the 4-team trade that sends James Harden from the Houston Rockets to the Brooklyn Nets and where each …



  1. One thing is for sure… If Lebron gets the ring if it vs nets at the final, then 100% the GOAT conversation will shift to Lebron's favor. I am a Jordan fan, but this is just too great reason to pass Lebron the GOAT status…

  2. Why did Harden want out of Houston?

    From what I'm reading, it's because they weren't good enough. But, as a member of the team, isn't that partially his fault? He's the star player on the team, and they aren't good. So what does that say about him as a winner? Isn't this commentary on his end a weak-minded, team-last kind of thought process?

    Is there another reason he wanted out of Houston and I'm missing it or something?

  3. Kyrie gonna be frustrated when Harden is the primary ball handler. KD gonna thrive as spot up shooter and go to option on breakdown of play. Kyrie will be a third wheel and not rounding off a big three. I don't think it will balance.


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