Wind Energy is Now Boosting in The USA! TOP RENEWABLE ENERGY IN THE US


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  1. There is no excuse to build the windmill towers at sea and anchored in the seafloor. We have the technology to build floating wind towers that can be built in shipyards and then towed into place.

  2. 10x more natural gas power generation was added to the grid last year than wind. Calm down guys. The best way to replace coal is with natural gas, half the emissions and cheaper. Renewable age will come but not until the economics are there

  3. I will Help for free right here.
    Set up a Competition with a Real Prize for the top 5 best ideas.
    Only payable to an individual person , NOT a Company.
    to Improve a wind turbine by 10% via wing / blade efficiency.
    to improve the internal Generator by 10 % efficiency.
    to mass produce them by 10% more Efficiently / or / Cheaper.
    make them last 10 % longer before repairs/ replacement is needed.

    already i have 40% Saving / More efficiency ! = 40% less turbine towers !

    Batteries ( power storage devices similar )
    to be 10% Cheaper, + hold 10% more charge / or last 10% longer in cycle.
    and last 10 % longer in time / Years .

    10% may seem a 1000 miles away, OK !
    1% on each every year for 10 years = TARGET HIT !

    1% is not very much !

    Over that same time , Develop Household appliances to be 1% more efficient every yr for 10 yrs.

    Following the example set by Hotels, on Corridors, & Rooms .

    ALL POWER SOCKETS should Switch themselves off AUTOMATICALLY ! ( Except RED Sockets ) For Fridges, Security cameras , alarms ETC.
    Every bulb should be L E D.
    Every Room should be on P I R ,Sensors , with lighting on a dim glow to walk through the room.
    ( with a MANUAL Switch when the room is in use. )

    People DO NOT need 1000 watts of Lighting to walk to the Fridge for a cold beer, or to the bathroom. ( 1000 watts = 10 X 100 w Bulbs lit ! )
    They just need a glow enough not to fall over the Furniture, or sleeping Dog, or kids toys etc.
    2w LED is very bright. in a room to see everything . Yes Have a Big Bulb available for the exact time it is needed.

    25 – 30 % of all energy is wasted by kids leaving lights on, machines on standby mode,
    Things 'Charging ' . for longer than needed ETC.

    If you live in a sunny climate, Fill every wasted space with Solar panels , to run the Air Con unit.
    if it;s windy run a wind turbine to keep it warm / cool etc.
    Or use both, Small wind, + Small solar panels ( of a size that suits your needs / availability )
    Mix the two to get maximum benefit. seasonal variations ETC.
    Add a log burner stove as Back up, for heat ,
    Plumb it into your hot water system also.
    + 100's more ways to do it, Dependent on Country / Climate, location ETC.

    This is just a few free Hints & tips !
    Not the overall idea. ( Tip of the Iceberg here ! )
    a freebie to all.

    VASTLY short of Common sense !

    Is this for young school children ?

    Maybe it's a Comedy Video ?

    No-ONE wants Clean Green Energy ! They cannot get a grip of it in the very 1st instance !

    I have a Formula to Transform the worlds energy at a far less cost than i have yet seen. maybe 50% less cost ?

    But Nobody actually wants it. they would rather people Across the globe Starved to death , rather than make real money from them.

    Maybe when i am older, and we need it more. until then do as they do and leave them to die of thirst & Hunger.
    It just needs to be PUT Together Correctly.
    and operated efficiently.

    THEY ! Know what is best,
    THEY Know everything in their science LAB's .
    Sod them all Leave them to work it out one day 100 yrs from now.

  5. Wind power made over 6% of electricity in the US in 2017. The prices for offshore wind in europe have fallen shockingly, and projects are now getting built without subsidy. Renewables are the lowest cost new generation in the US. Changing to 100% renewables will cost less than staying with fossil fuels even before considering the money you save on healthcare.

  6. There is always opposition at the beginning. I believe California can achieve its goal of 100% renewable way before 2045. We are just hitting the first curve of the S curve. Things gonna explode from here on. Same with electric cars and no one can stop it now. Not even Donald Trump. My next car has to be all electric. I don't think wind turbines are eyeshores. I would even put it on rooftop or in a backyard if town allow it. What about those ugly chimney smoke stacks and things that come out of them? Prices gonna drop like hot potato too. If we don't do it, China and India will do it for us. We better become wise and grab some market share while we can before they do. India is planning to stop gas car sales in the country by 2030. No official announcement yet, but they (the cabinet ministers) are pondering about it if that will be achievable. They are committed to change public transportation to 100% renewable ASAP.

  7. If you do some research you'll see that oil companies natural gas companies and call companies are all getting tax incentives just like the tariffs that the Renewables get so it isn't a one-way Street look it up

  8. China is leading USA in green energy production. They also produce solar panels for the whole world. Probably wind turbines too. 

    USA is #2 way way way behind China! 

    That being said, I am particularly happy about all those turbines in Texas! Texas! It seems an unlikely place to be a leader in renewable energy. Texas is way ahead of California on the wind front!

    Wow the world sure is changing!

    I really hope to see the military industrial complex in USA gear up to "beat" China at the renewable energy game! Spend as much money on solar energy production as you did on oil wars in the Middle East please. Then you will surely beat China!

  9. Seems like they are never working? Blades are still in most the pictures. People can be so obtuse concerned about their view over modernization and sanity. They are not an eyesore or ugly they do perform a service.


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