Our F1 2019 Season Review on ROCKiT Williams Racing. Williams’ 2019 season was a nightmare, pure and simple – the worst in its four-decade plus history …



  1. I cant listen this bullshit from Claire Williams. They had Kubica with engineering experience and Kubica said that they used only 10% of his experience so what are they going to do with Latifi "experience" xD

  2. How was it possible to be soooooo shit with the Mercedes engine in the back? Either the best or second best to Ferrari. Ridiculous. Kubica should have been sacked half way through the season. I think his disability helped ie they didn't want to sack him and seem mean.

  3. The devious Clair did not want to listen to the advice of an experienced Kubica, now she will listen to the advice of the young FURIAT, who overtook 10 cars just to ram the competitor's vehicle …: D
    There's nothing to write about Georg, because Robert toured him at the start as much as he wanted …: D

  4. Claire is destroying her fathers legacy she urgently needs to be replaced at the end of the day the buck stops with the team manager, williams was an embarrassment last year

  5. What worries me is although they made a terrible car in 18 they made a worst one in 19. They learned nothing from 2018, Tied in with a bunch of interviews I've read I can only conclude Williams don't know how to make a good car. I expect nothing of them next year,, I wonder how much Money Latifi is contributing?, it'll be more than his Talent.

  6. Williams is working very hard, they are selling their tests to people who cant even drive F1 competetively, like Nissany. Thats how much they care about racing. Anyway, it showed when they pulled Kubica out of the race "to preserve parts" – something unseen in F1 before the era of Claire. Nail in the coffin.

  7. F1 should ban any team that doesn't made any performance improvement.
    It implies that they are just doing it for profit.
    Targeting for the most mimimum expection to maximize their earnings.
    They are not contributing anything to the sports.

  8. Williams is nothing but a company now. Not an F1 racing team. You pay = you drive. Its all about money. They just want their profits to be green at the end of the year and they dont care about racing. Its a disgrace what Clair is doing. Terrible car, they had a chance to fix it but used only 10% feedback of Kubica. Now they r back to young drivers line up and still without technical director and with another rookie as development driver (not even gonna comment Tictum). This team does not even try to fix something. The issues they had in 2017 are still actual and remain to this day. The only way they want to up their PR is Russel but in fact we still dont kbiw his real skill as Williams is unable to put at least two equall cars in terms of parts quality abd favorism.

  9. Its hard to listen to Claires bull shitting… She didn't give a F about feedback from drivers. They just make money by being in F1, its just a company putting f1car like thing on the grid and then collecting money from sponsors and later sharing with shareholders 🙂 that's all they do.
    Nothing will change next year and brits will still pretend "next year" " "its not that bad".

  10. It’s funny, for whatever reason, I’ve always liked Williams and hated McLaren, being the Ferrari fan that I am, going back to the days of Piquet and Mansell.
    They are one of the few teams on the grid that have an epic historical portfolio that should be easy to garner big sponsors, but for whatever reason, it seems to never work out for them


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