Will Liverpool win the Premier League? Where the title race will be won or lost


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  1. LFCs blip was 2 draws! Firminio had been ill before that game. City was beat by Newcastle last match! And Leicester and Cardiff(?) in another bad run. LFC have lost just ONCE. FFS Sherwood is a tool, Spurs will win it but LFC will bottle it? You fucked over Blackburn after we won title. You held them to ransom twice over cash in less than 12months, he was huge part in that teams speedy deterioration. An absolute wanker go made a mockery of Captaincy and put him before the club, the team, the fans and even his mates. Wanker.

  2. No mention of the injured and how much they has forced changes. Something hasn't gone See Bournemouth b4 their 10 day break Trent is back, Gomez is back. Tim is rather silly and last time said anyone else except Liverpool to win league.
    The crowd was magnificent today btw.

  3. Hey Peeps, if you want to be a part of and be respected talking
    about footy, you need to now two things, firstly you’ve got to sit on the
    fence, if you want to talk tactics and factors, if who know football, if you’re
    talking football,, that’s it,, I’ve got mates who support teams from so called
    lower to higher leagues, my most faithful Crystal Palace brothers, to my Barnet
    squads, Gunner fans, Sheff United, Wolves, and even my missus who is a Man
    United fan (shoot me now).. I’m a born and bred in Liverpool, Lived all over
    the world … Human… through and through,,,, thing is I watch all footy and love
    all tactics… I know my shit end of,, ok LIvepool. facts ? one game unbeaten so
    far this season,, anyone who knows footy… they know that’s a hats off all day…
    if you don’t then you don’t know footy… defence? Lost four key players, even
    had to play 16 year old in central defence.. refs,,,sorry been robbed last two
    games, end of… will Liverpool do it, in my opinion? Yes.. defo..Why? Klopp.. Liverpool
    will go to old Trafford and do damage, I mean real damage and people will sit up
    and go shit,,,, forgot what they did last year with half that squad end of
    season,, reached Champions League… I know football, I see Liverpool team every
    other week walk past my front door at 12 o’clock on home games, I know and
    speak German,, and I know that mentality, I know if you know your football –
    you know your magicians, you won’t doubt Klopp, I don’t care who you are …

  4. Shut up Tim, very lazy.. Liverpool have not played at the high intensity apart from the ARSENAL Game…so try to say they are TIRED don't stand up at all… it's more to do with going to Dubai and people getting sick and not playing for 13 day's..it's knocked the rythem out of the Team….. from a Liverpool FAN WHO'S WATCHING EVERY GAME


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