Why The Premier League REJECTED Controversial Project Big Picture!


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  1. Premier league been helping liverpool to win their league title last season but this is how liverpool pay them?? Ungrateful bastard. Never trust whatever liverpool and man United come up with.

  2. Largest ever American TV audience for a prem game,
    Liverpool v Leeds, first game of this season, so Liverpool v Manure last season did not gain that much interest

  3. I'm all for helping the EFL and I agree with the financial aspect of the proposals but the the proposed new voting system was the biggest insult. How can 6 clubs at minimum speak for 20 or 18 clubs? And what on Earth would the be the point in hosting a mini summer tournament just before the season starts?

  4. Even if we did go weith this 'Big 9' rule, they didn't even follow their own rules to select them. They said it's the 9 longest serving teams in the EPL, but if that was the case the Big 9 would be Manchester Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham, Chelsea, Everton, Aston Villa, Newcastle and West Ham.

  5. anything that gives the bigger clubs more power is a no go. the only part of that proposal that should be done is the rescue funding. the 18 teams and 6/9 majority vote should definitely not happen

  6. against as the league ought to still have 20 teams .Not sure on the rest but noone ought to be bailing out anyone and reduce the teams in Pl .Thats bad and ought not to occurr bit shady an i am a lfc fan.No club should have the right when others dont have a right to even vote.Ought to be no special powers and it ought to stay the same.No special 9 thats bonkers aggree on bailing lower clubs out.Not into the special; nine or them having more power,Ought to be neutral to all clubs not a special nine.

  7. How to eliminate the the “gap” of earnings if nobody watches second year football?? They are mad!! Also how was women’s football affected by the COVID epidemic if nobody ever went to a women’s football game???


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