Why contactless cards haven’t caught on in the U.S. | CNBC Reports


Contactless, or “tap and go,” is an increasingly popular way to pay around the world. But in the U.S., only 3 percent of cards are contactless. Why? CNBC’s …



  1. I don’t get cash. I never use it. My mom was a big debit card user and got be accustomed to it. I think she was ahead of her time. I don’t think it’s common amongst other people her age, she was born in 1953. I like being able to keep track of all of my transactions and where I am spending my money. Also the security that it isn’t something that can be lost or stolen (since most credit options have protections). My CapitalOne card has contactless. I didn’t use it at first, but they did a $10/month refund incentive for using it last year between Oct-Dec and I realized how much quicker it is. Chip in other countries is fairly quick, but in the US there is quite a bit of delay. I always tap when I can.

  2. look touch or insert cards is really not that different. it is not crucial. one may say the touch card system makes consumer buy more stuff than they wanted…

  3. Yea maybe most boomers and rural areas use chips still. As a cashier everyone just uses NFC phone payments, I kniw my experience isnt the hard data but as I said I think people are over exaggerating the situation in the US

  4. Because the US is not an advanced country. They're so backwards that they don't even have healthcare that is free at the point of use! Who needs time travel when you can just go to the US?

  5. Forget contactless card, they are fighting with cashless stores.. usa is a 3rd world country they too busy trying to give democracy to other nations..

  6. In Ireland all new bank cards are contactless and can be used payments up to €30 in a single transaction but after €30 you can’t use contactless on your card and you have to put in the pin, NFC is literally everywhere, I use Apple Pay though as I can tap and go everywhere, America can’t be no.1 for everything

  7. I remember paying for something at a Walmart in 2014/15 and I was their very first customer to use the chip payment, they said it had only been installed that day and they were still unsure it was safe. I couldn't believe it as we've been using chip and pin for 10+ years in the UK.

  8. Well, I wouldn't use it in places where people don't respect other people's belongings/the people aren't honest or a country with high delinquency.
    I have it in Finland, works perfectly and even if it got lost I can simply dial the bank and it automatically blocks the card.

  9. When I lived in Sweden I would use cash only because I didn’t want foreign transactions fees on my card but it was hard to always make sure to grab and take it out, ended up using my card more, since moving back to the states I hardly ever pay or have cash on me everything is either physical chip card or Apple Pay and using FB, Apple messenger,Venmo or PayPal for sending money. Now that I’m moving back to Europe Spain in a couple of months I plan on only carrying my phone on me and maybe 100€ on my person just in case of emergencies.


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