'When They See Us' Cast On The Central Park Five: 'These Men Are So Brave' | PeopleTV


The young cast of ‘When They See Us’ get candid about portraying the wrongfully convicted Central Park Five . Subscribe to People …



  1. It warms my heart how humble and how driven these guys are to really embodying the Central Park 5. They find it so important that their story isn’t left untold, and do an excellent job at getting the audience to put themselves as well as the audience IN this reality❤️

  2. This story really changed my point of view and my respect to the persecutors and the police.Especially when they all are white people tried to set up the black people kids

  3. This series caught me off guard cause I had no idea that this was a thing. I caught the first episode and I had to finish it in one sitting. It was hard and I felt the hurt for these guys and their families. I would suggest this series to anybody that asks about it.

  4. This story really opened my eyes you can’t trust everybody and you can’t tell people what they want to here tell your truth I cried it was so sad but happy that they made it thru

  5. Just watched part 1 and Ahhh man I was about to pop out of my skin over the b.s. interrogations of those poor babies. I wanted to knock the heads off that lead detective and her crooked cronies that knowingly, willingly and maliciously violated the due process rights of those kids. I am ashamed of those cops and NYC that unfairly robbed these kids of their childhood. It disgraced the sacrifices made by those that gave their lives fighting for our freedom.

    These young men did a GREAT job on this documentary. In 1989, I was just graduating H.S. in California and had my head in the clouds of youth without a care in the world so this is the first time I heard of this horrific incident, you definitely stirred the emotions in me. There were 6 main victims, the 5 boys AND the Central Park jogger….and countless relatives and friends that were hurting right along along with them.

    MUCH love and prayers for all of those that are now survivors of this gross example of injustice in our law enforcement and judicial system.

  6. I cried every 5 minutes during the whole 4 episodes, Damn this is not fucking fair…. I hate the people who did this, and this is probably happening to this day

  7. Everyone is talking about the young man who played Korey Wise but what about the young man who played Kevin Richardson not having any acting experience before this! That scene with Kevin and his sister where he's begging his sister to sign that confession tore me up. Big ups to Asante for hitting this role outta the park his first time at bat!!!! Incredible young actors tho all of em

  8. It would be a great idea for black people to stop committing crimes.
    Maybe that would help with their never ending problems with police. Why is there so much police involvement with the black community anyways? I'm pretty sure these guys would be in jail for something else even if they weren't convicted for this crime.


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