What Trump supporter told his daughter before dying from virus


The daughter of a Trump supporter who died from coronavirus tells CNN’s Don Lemon what she talked about with her father right before he went to the hospital.



  1. Trump doesn't care about anybody, he's proved it because 200.000 souls being lost a lot died needlessly. He's a lying , deceitful poor excuse for a human being, there aren't any words bad enough to describe what he's done. Please wear a mask people.

  2. Trumps followers have made their decisión. They will sacrify lives of others to keep him in Office. Thats the truth and they are as guilty as their máster. Thats the América of today. A nation who is morally bankrupt.

  3. They’ll do and say anything to try and get into office. Stop speaking like Trump is suppose to be a miracle maker. If any misinformation. He was going from what information he’s been given from supposedly trusted ones.
    Demon-carts are losing by degrees. Most Americans want no parts of their Party. They’re
    Too Dirty to be associated with.
    Lemon, you’re a part of them too. It’s why I stopped watching you years ago when you used to be my favorite.

  4. Also love how the media totally ignored the news that $1 billion dollars of tax payer money that was meant for masks and medical equipment to fight covid 19 was CONVERTED to the militarily industrial complex to make armor and build new jet engines. Totally ignored by all main stream platforms fyi.


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