What is the outlook of MLB’s 2020 season following the Marlins and Cardinals’ outbreaks? | Get Up


Jeff Passan and Jessica Mendoza react to Miami Marlins CEO Derek Jeter addressing the Marlins’ coronavirus outbreak and then weigh in on the outlook of the …



  1. ESPN you really bring in the wrong people for the wrong things! Nobody wants to her Mandoza after she was saying how there was nothing wrong with Beltran after what he did and all. Then you keep bringing on Perkins who sucks LBJs nuts to keep hyping him up. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! Get rid of those two or else!

  2. The MLB Baseball season needs to be cancelled, immediately.
    First the Florida Marlins had an outbreak, and MLB officials said that if there is another outbreak they will consider cancelling the season. That outbreak is currently happening, in St Louis. However, now Baseball's plan is to just keep going.

    I understand they do not Want to cancel the season, but they need to.
    I know most of the players that contract the virus will recover and be okay, but what about others they come in contact with?
    Their coaches, their family, hotel workers, people at the airport, people they interact with at the cities they visit, etc.
    It seems that baseball has 0 consideration and no empathy for all these people surrounding the players.

    When all the local businesses and schools are to adhere to their state/county regulations and mandates for keeping safe, how is it that Baseball is allowed to decide on its own to continue operating, when they are clearly a great health risk to all the areas they travel to and their local communities?

  3. The only way these idiots are gonna cancel this is if someone dies! In less than a week of baseball, 2 teams has basically the equivalent of their entire starting roster and 6-7 backups come down with this and these goofballs say well they just gonna push through with the season. They have no bubble,they go to restaurants and other places, exposing others to the virus and thinking it's just gonna go away. We never do any preventative measures until someone dies. We gotta have our sports though! Smh

  4. The only way any of those games get made up is (A) if they can be done within the season constraints (of course), and (B) it has any bearing on either team's playoff chance

  5. This person to the left seems so hypocrite, the way he talks, hi think he knows everything, his laugh i dont know i dont like him at all. Where are the good sports jorunalist these days?

  6. This start and stop is having a clear impact on injuries and MLB seems to not care… teams are being infested with COVID and MLB says play on… no regard for the players that make anyone care about the game.


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