What is Julen Lopetegui’s future with Real Madrid? | La Liga


After a 5-1 loss to Barcelona in El Clásico, the ESPN FC crew takes a big picture look at the future of Julen Lopetegui with Real Madrid, with Craig Burley saying …



  1. WENT TO FCP and lost every important game, and all by his mistakes, even when he was in advantage he made the impossible and stayed in FCP for almost 2 years without a good game…3 years later FCP due to his actions his still suffering…

  2. Ronaldo fans will always say "It's all because Ronaldo left." Yes, it's very very difficult to find another player to average 40-50 goals a season, but that's not the complete reason why. It's simply because Lopetegui is a horrible manager for Real Madrid. People will always bring up something about the players for a defeat but the fact is, without a good manager, the team is screwed. Example: Argentina World Cup 2018.

  3. This is football people…. You will have a good season then suddenly you’ll have a bad season …. no team is consistently good in dominating the domestic or European cups forever. Take it!!!

  4. Ramos played shit always,he cant defend well
    he thinks he is the best defender but he is stupid, and he had been selected as the best because he played with high scoring team(RMA during cr7 era).He is a trash

  5. @absm2  score line bcoz of Barca better than RM from Ronaldinio time itself. It's a match between powerful Barca vs better RM with idiot players like PePe, Ramos and more always getting Red card for unnessary tackle va Barca.In 2011 RM players got 4 red card vs Barca in 4 matches. Without Messi also barca can win RM bcoz barca is a team.messi is a advantage for them. 5-0 Match he didt score,4-0 match Messi not even play for 60minutes.5-1 Messi didt play. can't blame CR7 against Barca.. CR7 vs Barca scored 18 goals in 30 matches, only man scored 6 consecantive games. wins 4 finals, Barca won 14 RM won 10 Draw 6 out of 30 matches.CR7 done more for RM against Barca. Brave Ronaldo.

  6. Back to the Juande Ramos days haha. The last Spanish coach that was actually successful for Madrid Was Vicente Del Bosque and that was in the early 2000s. Ramos, Camacho, Benitez, and
    Lopetegui all have had a terrible time at Madrid. I knew Lopetegui would leave Madrid in this state, and as a Barca fan can't ask for a better start to the season. Beating Sevilla, Inter, and Real Madrid
    in under 2 weeks is no joke.

  7. If you think about it, Perez moves his problems on Lopetegui. The man was too cheap to buy players, wants to remodel Bernabeu. All the signings aren’t significant past couple seasons, Rodriguez was the highest bid. IMO Perez should be castrated, he knew but too ignorant. As for Lopetegui, a bastard that cares more about a club than international team.

  8. alba tore through nacho and he didn't provide any attacking that either, he couldn't keep up with alba's pace,but i thought bale would do that to barca as well but not the case…

  9. man this guy makes benitez look like a genius. I know now why zidane and ronaldo left now. This team has no spine no wonder Cristiano used to scream at them. They are such cowards and straight up pussies

  10. Oh jesus christ !!
    Look at real madrid’s form last season, they were horrible as well
    They finished 3rd, and had one of the worst starts of a season in years
    Ronaldo has nothing to do with this.
    They were on the way down with him, that’s why he jumped ship
    Stop making him so much more than he is. Real madrid needs much more than blaming one man
    They’ve been slowing down the last 2 years, but nobody noticed cz they won the champions league back to back… to back
    But in reality, they overachieved.
    Just look at their league form in the last couple of years
    I’m surprised that everyone is surprised.

  11. This is a managerial problem not a lack of one player, if real madrid fans are even dumb enough to make that claim that ronaldo's departure is the cause of this then real madrid never had a team. And ronaldo would be consider maradona and madrid would be napoli. And that is a large belligerent belief.

  12. Not surprised at all, he managed my club Porto and he was woeful, to go with that he was arrogant and stubborn to learn from his mistakes, he never won anything apart from youth titles with Spain National Team, he’s gone and never was the best fit for a big club


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