What is going wrong at Barcelona? | La Liga


Sebastian Salazar, Craig Burley and Julien Laurens discuss Barcelona’s worst start to a La Liga season in 25 years. They particularly question whether Ernesto …



  1. It's just over for them in the same way it is at United. They will be back and do will United. There the two world's biggest clubs so the will be back. Unfortunately Messi I believe is finished outside of la liga. He can still play in la liga because it's so easy and soft but CL is to tough for Messi. A great player but his best days are over.

  2. You can't win all the time…problem was losing iniesta and that other fella. Sack the coach…works well for other teams. Well it seems to appease the fans for a bit anyways.

  3. Spain/MadREFF REFFs making sure Barca under-performs, little here, little there, REFFS can take away games. In Spain Barca are hated due to Catalunya independence from Spain/Madrid struggle of politics.. Spain DUMPED Griezman on Barca and got HUGE money$$ for Madrid team.. Spain always trying to hurt, undermine Barca/Catalunya

  4. structuraly attacking positions are over crowded. they need complimentary players for the mid field and strikers. mid field has great players but like i said there are way to many players are there is to much competition between them all not allowing new players like de jong to settle in and show his true potential. or for ex coutinho (sadly). and defensively its should have back up players for jordi and pique. prospects really. messi drops too much becuase of poor structure withing the players. messi should stay up top and occasionally drop. In short SACK VALVERDE

  5. The manager isn’t the root of the problem. He needs fired sure but anyone expecting major improvement right away with a new replacement are delusional. The running of the club has slowly deteriorated for at least 5 years now.

  6. Always easy to kick someone when they are down or give praise when doing really well. That’s not adding any value. You will rarely see a pundit stick his neck out and make a prediction that goes against the grain or conventional wisdom.

  7. Barcelona's president had gone mad…the number of player he is signing i think he is playing fifa19 or pes19 in real life…barca has best player in respective position..still wonders why he included griezman in barcelona apart from having messi in squad..


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